Pure Leucine Powder

Pure Leucine Powder

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100% pure leucine powder, an easy way to integrate this essential branched-chain amino acid into your pre-, intra-, and post-workout formulas for optimal nutrition, any time of day.

BRANCHED CHAIN AMINO ACIDS (BCAA) - such as leucine, isoleucine, and valine make up one-third of muscle protein. However, among these three, leucine has been given the most extensive focus due to its broad role in metabolism, homeostasis, exercise recovery, and insulin action.

RAPID STRENGTH® TRUSTED BRAND - Many supplements have been imported from other countries and often simply bottled here in the UK. Our products are 100% Manufactured in the UK within a GMP compliant.


Might increase strength
Improve body composition
Reduce muscle damage
Can lower cholesterol
Can lower blood pressure
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Pure Leucine powder

ABOUT essential amino acid leucine.

SUGGESTED USE: Take 3 grams with water. 1-3 times daily 30-40 minutes before workout.

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