Spinach Powder 100g

Spinach Powder 100g

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Improves Eyesight

Macular Degeneration

Provides Neurological Benefits

Relieves Symptoms of Hemophilia

Maintains Blood Pressure

Strengthens Muscles

Helps in Bone Mineralization

Helps Aid the Digestive System

Prevents Atherosclerosis

Helps with Fetal Development

Reduces Inflammation

Chemopreventive Effects

Protects Skin

Proteins for Infant Growth



Spinach powder is packed full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Being high in Vitamins A,C,E , Zinc and Selenium It’s suitable for adding to homemade smoothies to increase the nutritional content.

The most nutrient rich powdered vegetable Spinach powder is derived only from fresh spinach. Packed with vitamins and minerals that are from a natural source of plant based nutrient.