World Mental Health Day

After the flurry of mental health day posts that unfortunately only last a day. I’m continuing with them. For years I have been battling my demons with anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder. They at one time sucked the life and essence out of me and made me feel defeated. Not just mentally but also physically. In the mornings my mind would tell me not to get up. So I didn’t. I didn’t want to speak to or interact with anyone. So I didn’t. I didn’t want to eat or look after myself so I didn’t. I did nothing to change it so got the same outcomes. My days are now filled with how I can achieve positives, even within negative situations. How I can breakdown obstacles. How I can adapt and get meaningful results and how my interactions can help and drive others. All of the limiting thoughts from the past may still be there but I no longer see them as a weakness. They are a tool to increase my drive and focus, now I say  I’m doing it anyway. every day I try to study, learn, adapt and better myself as an individual. Am I there yet? No, But I’m doing it anyway. My mental health drives me to achieve positive outcomes. Yours can drive you to achieve the same.