The word DIET

I’m not a huge fan of the word diet or what the word diet means to people these days. Every person that eats food has a dietary structure. Society and celebrity fads have essentially tarnished this outlook. Now people link the work diet with restiction or going without a certain thing. Even though this may be partially true the word in itself makes people relate it to a potentially negative psychological mindset. “I cant have that because im on a diet” but now I really want it. Many years back I told my wife that I was off to asda as I was going to do a new restrictive DIET. I came back with 12 bags of sweets, crisps, chocolate, ice cream etc etc etc Every aisle I walked past the food jumped at me. I had gone past those aisles hundreds of time before and not been bothered, But on that day I bought fig rolls and fruit bread. FRUIT BREAD!!! Fruit bread may actually be very nice. I didn’t eat it. I didn’t even want it. What im trying to get at is my mind was fighting a battle. I had set up to restrict myself and my psychology wanted Fight back against that. We need balance. It needs to be realistic and It needs to be manageable. Allow yourself a little flexibility (not too much) don’t undo hard work with overindulgence. It will take discipline. Don’t set yourself unrealistic goals and then beat yourself up when you don’t meet them. I don’t do diets anymore I have a nutritional plan/structure that just so happens to be an element of my Lifestyle.
So what is the perfect Nutritional structure?
I don’t think it exists. We are all unique. Find what works for you. That being said. If you are at all curious about certain plans here are two examples with a very brief explanation. I cant and wont recommend anything specific this is purely for your knowledge.
Intermittent fasting is not really classed as a diet. It doesn’t change what you eat, it
changes when you eat .We generally enter the fasted state 12 hours after our last meal, After this
time our body will be put into a fat burning state.
Ketosis. A low carb, High protein diet. Your carbohydrate intake has to be at a low enough level
that the body has to use fat stores for energy which produces Ketones.
The caveman diet only allows foods that humans ate when cavemen roamed the earth. These
are Fish, lean meats, fruit, non starchy vegetables, and nuts. starchy vegetables, dairy foods,
and processed foods are not allowed.