Staying in the 'Zone'

How do we keep ourselves in ‘THE ZONE’? The harsh reality of any plan or any goal or any journey that we choose to go on is that it will not always be plain sailing. We won’t always be motivated and the passion that we feel in the beginning will potentially fade. What then? Will we give up? Probably. Will We then see it as a source of defeat. Almost Definitely. So……….. how do we counteract this? I have said this time and time again. Motivation is an amazing source of drive. When you are motivated, But what about the occasions when you aren’t? Can you find it? Listen to audio, read a book, look for a source of inspiration. Will these things work? Yeah for a period of time it will, but motivation will come and go. Be disciplined!!!! Continue to drive yourself forward on the occasions that you really don’t want to. Get to the gym when you don’t feel like. Get out of bed when it is cold, wet and dark. Do the things that you don’t want to do because of the rewards that it will give. There are three simple words that go through my head every day when I don’t feel like doing something . DO IT ANYWAY.