Self Discipline

What Is Self-Discipline?

Self-discipline is a persons ability or mindset to push themselves outside of their comfort zone, to stay motivated, or take action, regardless of how hard a task is, because of the positive benefits that will follow as a result.

Self-discipline is different from motivation. Motivation I liken more to doing something when you feel like it. When you are inspired or fired up to do something.

Why Work on Your Self-Discipline?

Self discipline will look after you when nothing else can. It will allow you to continue to push forward in spite of seemingly impossible odds. When you don’t feel like doing something. When it seems too hard. When you can find more comfortable things to do. Self discipline will be one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself.

It will make the difference between laying around all day or getting  up when its wet, cold and dark and attempting to conquer your day.


What would life be like without it?

Life without self discipline for me is pretty shallow and empty. There would be no desire to progress, no desire to make changes, no desire to better myself. No desire to set goals.  Why is this? Because all of these aspects require hard work and people don’t generally like pushing themselves so they will often take the easy path and bow out.

How can self discipline help?

Any destructive behaviour can be removed or changed when self discipline is included. You need to quit smoking? Self discipline will deal with that. You need to eat healthier, train more, spend more time on yourself. Yeah. Self discipline will help you with all of this.


Excuses or results?

You can either have excuses or results. You can’t have both.

A lack of self discipline will give you excuses. Self discipline gives results.

Any thing what we do or don’t do is a choice. Ask yourself if your potential sacrifice or hardship is worth the result and if the answer is yes let self discipline do its work.