Medication for mental health

The magic question. Do I need medication for my mental health? I’m not going to answer it for you and attempt to diagnose or prescribe anything for anybody. All I can do is give my opinion. Opinions are like arseholes. Everyone has one. Some stink, some don’t , But here is mine.  Am I of the opinion that medication is overprescribed for mental health without any other aspects being included? Yes I am.

“here’s some prozac.  pick up more next month”

I take medication. Does it cure me? No. Does it give me a small amount of stability so that I can put other positive changes? Yes

Without it my mind becomes a battlefield. Why would I not use it? One tablet a day allows me enough clarity to get things done. Its like a mental scaffolding that assists me with staying stable.

If I was to just take medication and lay around all day I’m still probably going to feel like shit and make zero changes. It’s the changes I make and the things I implement that do 90 percent of the work, the medication does 10.

There are two types of people. we have “I don’t believe in medication at all” people or “give me everything” people

 “I don’t take tablets”

“What if you have headache?”

“I wait for it to go”

“why not just take a tablet and get rid of it quicker?”

“ No I don’t believe in medication”

Why would people prolong discomfort when they don’t need to?

Makes no sense to me.

Or we have.

“got a splinter Doc, can I have morphine for the pain?”

We either have one extreme or the polar opposite.

Anyway I’m running off on one here.

Medication on its own isn’t a miracle cure. Don’t expect it to be, but don’t also disregard the stability that it can give you to move forward. Join a gym, join a group, take up a new hobby, Install some positive points of focus into your life to increase its quality

That’s just my opinion and my shit doesn’t stink.