I just Cant Lay in

something funny takes place when I attempt to have a lay in. Now a lay in for me is propably aroung 8:30am at the latest. My days normally start at 4am. its a structure that works for me. early productive mornings with no distractions where I can instil focus without other things that pull my focus away.  Breakfast is 5am. lunch is 10am etc etc my day starts earlier and ends earlier. I am normally sleeping by 9pm and the cycle starts again. every aspect of my day follows a pretty strict routine and structure that allows me to be productive, fit, healthy and 'more' mentally stable. however if I lay in a little longer my mindset is different, my mood is flat, I feel unproductibve, I feel demotivated, I feel anxious. why? because the greatest test of will that I give myself at 4am every morning, when its cold, when its dark, when its wet is doing things that go against the grain and kick me into a warrior mentality, without that im not as fired up. now of course relaxation and certain elements of luxury are also needed, but early mornings work for me and laying in doesnt. its now 11:30 and im already 7.5 into my day. it has been productive, focused and beneficial.....so now im going to have a nap. and thats fine. because its part of my routine :D