Deadlifting 101



  • A Barbell should be placed in front of you on the ground
  • Place your feet flat on floor roughly hip width apart with the bar touching your shins
  • Grab the barbell with palms facing down slightly wider than shoulder width grip
  • Hands should be placed outside the legs
  • Arms should be straight with your elbows slightly touching your legs
  • Keep your Head up and chest up and out
  • Look straight ahead
  • Keep your Back straight and  shoulders back with Hips low and thighs parallel to the floor
  • Take a deep breath at the start of the movement
  • Lift Bar slowly by extending legs and hips - push feet into the floor
  • Keep bar close to the body
  • Consistent and controlled lift to top insuring Back and arms remain straight
  • Breathe out consistently for the duration of the lift
  • Stop momentarily at the top of the lift
  • Lower weight slowly by pushing the hips back
  • Return to start position
  • Safely place bar on the floor.

Things to keep remember when doing deadlifts:

  • Don’t arch your back
  •  Keep your abs tight your back straight
  • Keep the bar as close to you as possible
  • thrust in with your hips DON’T PULL WITH YOUR PACK
  • Keep your head up and chest out as you lift for correct spine alignment.
  • your hips, knees and feet should for a straight line at the top of the lift.