Barriers to progress

Throughout our lives we come across many barriers that limit, hinder and quite often stop us
from reaching our desired goal it is important to remember that the psychological element is just
as important as the physical. Gaining a clearer understanding of the psychological barriers will
ultimately allow you to put steps in place to counteract these hurdles.

Inspiration is the process of mental stimulation to do or feel something, this may come from,
listening to music, watching a film or seeing a documentary
etc. people may find inspiration anywhere, this ultimately drives our motivation

Motivation is our desire to do something. It is the difference between choosing to get up that hour
earlier and work in the gym, expand our skill sets and abilities or merely lay around and not look
to achieve any more, Motivation drives us to set new goals .

Self-discipline OR Will power is our ability to control ourselves, to make ourselves work harder
and push ourselves past our limits or resist temptation. For example Getting out of bed earlier or Going to the gym after a hard day at work even though you feel tired. So where Motivation drives
us to set new goals Discipline allows us to continue with them.

It is our levels of self confidence that determines how we see ourselves as individuals. It is our
levels of self confidence which will determine if we see
ourselves in a positive or negative light and if we are comfortable with our abilities and qualities.

As simple as this is to understand, often people will attempt to undertake tasks, activities, training
regimes, diet plans etc without an understanding of
the principles of chosen path, and as a result often find that they wont achieve their desired
outcomes, it is with guidance and as a result knowledge
that we as individuals flourish. We are like sponges for new information (providing it is within our
interests). Use this to your advantage.